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Call or email us today to book a free consultation and find out more about all of the services we currently offer!

Concierge Nursing Services

Concierge Nurse Visits

Feeling ill and want a nurse to come check on you? Recently discharged from the hospital and have questions about your discharge instructions? Recently had surgery and have questions about your recovery process? Need help organizing and understanding your medications? With our Concierge Nurse visits, one of our skilled, experienced, dedicated nurses will come to you! We can complete an assessment, advise you about what to do, educate you on any medications or treatments, and help you better understand the steps you can take to avoid a hospital visit if possible.


Phone or Virtual Nurse Consultations

We offer 30 minute and 1 hour consultations via phone or video chat with our Concierge Nurses who can answer your questions about your medications, health conditions, treatments, and so much more. We will also educate you about what questions you should be asking at your doctors' appointments so you can better advocate for yourself.


Health & Wellness Programs

Our Concierge Health & Wellness programs are for those who are ready to take charge of their health and healthcare. Our concierge nurses partner with you to help you better understand and manage your chronic health conditions, medications, nutrition, activity levels, and more! We'll customize a care plan for you with attainable goals to help you become healthier and more active. Our goal with this program is to help you keep your independence and prevent unnecessary hospitalization. These programs include weekly or biweekly nurse visits (in-person or virtually), vital signs monitoring, nursing assessments, medication setup and management, health and medication education, patient advocacy at doctor's appointments, healthcare coordination services, and so much more! We have 3 levels with these programs (Silver, Gold, and Platinum) and offer both in-person and virtual options are available. 

Patient Advocacy

Our concierge nurses can attend doctors' appointments with you to help advocate for your needs. We'll make sure you have all of your concerns addressed, ensure you understand any new treatments or orders, and most of all ensure you are in control when it comes to your healthcare. We also offer our advocacy services for those in the hospital setting to ensure they are getting the care they deserve and act as a liaison between the hospital healthcare team and you or your loved one.

IV Hydration Infusions & Vitamin/Mineral Injections *SERVICES ON HOLD UNTIL MID JUNE*
We are proud to now offer On the Go mobile or in-house IV hydration and wellness injection services. Whether you are at home recovering from an illness, want to boost your immune system to help prevent illnesses, want a quicker post-workout recovery, looking to improve your hair/skin/nails, want better focus and mental clarity, celebrated too hard, or just want a hydration boost, we have the right combination of vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes to help you feel and perform at your best. We serve individuals as well as small & large groups at your home, workplace, event, Airbnb or hotel. Call us today to find out more and schedule your infusions!
Post Operative & Post Procedure Monitoring

Having an outpatient surgery or procedure and no one to take you? We offer our concierge nursing services to get you to and from your outpatient procedure as well as monitor you closely during your recovery at home to help prevent complications and make sure post-op instructions are understood and followed. We can even attend any pre-op appointments with you to make sure you understand the instructions that need to be followed before surgery. We will receive the post-op instructions from your surgeon and can update your loved ones on how everything went with your procedure and recovery. 

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