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Meet the Owner

Liz Walker, RN, BSN

Liz spent 10 years working bedside in the hospital setting. Throughout her time as a critical care RN, she noticed a trend in patients being constantly readmitted to the hospital and not getting any better. She began to do some research and realized that the majority of the patients she was caring for had a low level of health literacy due to lack of patient education. She felt that today's healthcare system was not doing an effective job of actually helping patient better understand their health conditions and medications and this was creating a problem. So, Liz made it her mission to dedicate her life try to solve this problem by creating a concierge nursing service that focused on helping patients to better understand their health and healthcare so they could have better outcomes and prevent those unnecessary hospitalizations. In August of 2021 she founded That's My Nurse and began her mission to help educate, advocate for, and care coordinate for patients in her community and beyond.

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To empower people to gain control over their healthcare and help them get and stay healthier, more active, more independent, and out of the hospital! We accomplish this through education and advocacy.


To continually make a difference in the lives of patients throughout the country while operating with integrity and remaining with the vision the Lord has given us.

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